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About The Silent Minority
The Silent Minority is an English speaking Lord of the Rings Online kinship on the European role-playing server Laurelin.
Our kinship is aimed at a somewhat older and more mature group of players who like to enjoy a laid-back role-playing style of gaming experience in the world of Middle-Earth. The minimum age for membership is 25 years.

More details about TSM's guidelines, ethos and recruitment policy can be found in the Recruitment Forum. 

If you wish to apply, please make sure you read and digest the 'About TSM - Read This Before You Apply!' post in the forum before you do so.

Non-members are welcome to browse the public areas of the forums and have a read of the many player stories and tales in 'The Silent Chronicles'.

Thanks for visiting!

"Hmmm, I would fit in well..." 

-Codemasters' Community Liaison Manager, Satine, about TSM.

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Who Were The Silent Minority?
An extract from 'Lost and Found: The Rediscovered Chronicles of The Silent Minority' by Professor Tolman Gardner.
The well-known histories of Middle-earth, those records that exist in written form to this day, focus almost exclusively on a few prominent heroes. The fight against the Second Darkness is often perceived as being the work of only a handful of iconic characters. Occasionally, though, even in the few written documents that survive, there are hints and traces of others who very much had a role in what Galadriel called the Long Defeat. To be sure, they played their part quietly, secretly and almost anonymously, but play a part they did.

Some of the uncelebrated heroes are well-known among scholars. Some, for instance, were Aragorn's kin; rangers of the north, descendants of Numenor. Others were Elrond's folk; scouts and wayfarers, ever watchful.

In addition, though, there are hints of another group, with members drawn from all the races of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, or so it is said. Although not under the direct control of Aragorn, Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel or any of the Kingdoms of Men in the south, it is apparent that they fought tirelessly alongside, and sometimes even shoulder-to-shoulder, with these more well-known figures, in the hope of keeping the growing shadow at bay...
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